Directions of BOD National Re and Gathering the Welcoming Holy Month of Ramadhan 1444H

29 March 2023

To welcome the Holy Month of Ramadhan 1444 Hijriyah in 2023, PT Reasuransi Nasional Indonesia (Nasional Re) held a gathering to strengthen relationships as well as delivering directions from the Board of Directors. This activity was held on Friday, March 17, 2023 at the 2nd-floor office of the Nasional Re Building.

The purpose of this event was to forgive each other, purify the heart, and erase sins for the mistakes that have been made during activities in the office, as well as to strengthen the brotherhood of the Nasional Re extended family before carrying out the Fasting.

The event began with remarks by Mr. Sunarso (Director of Finance & HR), who conveyed information that there would be adjustments to employee working hours during the month of Ramadan and appealed to all staff of Nasional Re who would be fasting to maintain their health so that they can carry out activities without any obstacles and can carry out worship solemnly.

It continued by Mr. Albert Jimmy Rotinsulu (President Director), who in his speech conveyed the good news regarding the company's performance, which continued to show a positive trend and did not forget to invite all employees of Nasional Re to maintain their current performance.

Then the event was closed with a prayer led by Mr. Muhammad Sahal, which was attended by all participants who attended. To further maintain cohesiveness and a sense of brotherhood, the event continued with eating a meal together. Through activities like this, Nasional Re is confident of being able to build a more solid and stronger foundation of human resources.

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