Purpose and objectives

The Company’s business purpose and objective is to participate in implementing and supporting government policies and programs in the fi eld of economy and national development in general, in particular the implementation of a high quality reinsurance business with strong competitiveness, as well as being a profi table business in order to increase the value of the Company by applying the principles of Limited Liability Companies, and providing reinsurance services against the risks faced by Insurance Companies, both conventional and sharia-based. To achieve the above purpose and objectives, the Company carries out the following business activities:

    1. Reinsurance business against risks faced by general insurance companies and/or life insurance companies;
    2. Reinsurance for general insurance and/or life insurance, either directly or through reinsurance brokers;
    3. Retrocession or reinsurance of point 1 above to insurance and/or reinsurance companies, directly or through reinsurance brokers to conduct part of the reinsurance business under sharia principles by establishing a sharia unit.

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