Nasional Re With Askrindo Grup Humanitarian Aid for Cianjur Earthquake Victims, West Java

29 November 2022

PT Reasuransi Nasional Indonesia (Nasional Re), which is a member of the Askrindo Group as a subsidiary of PT Asuransi Kredit Indonesia, also carries out corporate social responsibility (CSR) by participating in providing support to victims of earthquake in Cianjur districts, West Java.

By Askrindo Peduli program, on November 26, 2022, Askrindo, Nasional Re, Askrindo Syariah and Askrindo Mitra Utama that are members of the Askrindo Group distributed aid in form of food, medicine, clothing and other daily necessities to the victims through Cianjur districts Government which was symbolically accepted directly by Herman Suherman, Regent of Cianjur. In addition, Askrindo Peduli aid posts were also established in form of emergency tents with the  purpose was to provide direct support to the victims.

This was carried out as a form of Askrindo Group's concern, including Nasional Re after an earthquake measuring 5.6 magnitude which was located about 10 km southwest of Cianjur District, West Java on Monday (21/11) at 13.21 WIB. Until now, it was recorded that no less than 321 people died, 7,729 people were injured and 62,628 houses were damaged.

Through this activity, Nasional Re hopes that the support provided can relieve and help the victims, especially for the refugees, which currently the number has reached 73,693 people.

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