Settlement of Consigneering Nasional Re Outstanding Claims

07 November 2022

PT Reasuransi Nasional Indonesia (Nasional Re) again held a consigneering for settlement of Outstanding (O/S Claims) which this time was carried out with PT Multi Artha Guna Tbk (MAG Insurance) on Monday, October 31, 2022 at Makara 1 room, Double Tree Cikini Hotel, Central Jakarta.

In this consigneering, Nasional Re managed to settle claims under Underwriting Year (U/Y) 2014-2020 as many as 1,391 cases. Through this activity, Nasional Re hopes that the existing O/S Claims can be resolved in an appropriate, fast, validated and accountable way.

Nasional Re will continue to play an active role in supporting the growth of the insurance industry in the future. With claim settlement consigneering that has been carried out so far it shows that Nasional Re is fully committed to existing claims liability to all business partners that have entrusted their risk management to us.

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