Outstanding Claim Settlement Consignment PT Reasuransi Nasional Indonesia

13 June 2023

Monday, 5 June 2023, PT Reasuransi Nasional Indonesia (Nasional Re) again settled claims with its business partner, PT Asuransi Central Asia (ACA Insurance). At the Krakatau room, Novotel Cikini, Central Jakarta, Mr. Sunarso as Finance & HR Director of Nasional Re, Mr. Syarifuddin (Technical Director), Mrs. Indrawati Darmawan (Finance, Investment and IT Director) from ACA Insurance, and officials from both companies were also present. .

During the meeting, no less than 1,259 cases were successfully resolved. This consignment is a form of full commitment of Nasional Re to liability claims owned by its business partners so that they can be resolved promptly, accurately, quickly, validated and can be accounted for.
Through this activity, Nasional Re hopes to be able to settle all of its outstanding claims from business partners who have entrusted their risk management. Nasional Re is committed to supporting growth of the insurance industry in the future by continuing to provide the best service.

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